MEMS Links

Second hand equipment


National Nanofabrication Users Network (NNUN)

University of California, Berkeley -- Microfabrication Laboratory (Microlab)

University of California at Los Angeles -- Nanoelectronics Research Facility (NRF)

University of California at Santa Barbara -- Nanotech, Nanofabrication Facility

California Institute of Technology/Jet Propulsion Laboratory -- Center for Space Microelectronics Technology (CSMT)

Other Useful Nano-/Microfabrication Links

  • Cleanroom Tips from Optimum Concepts:

  • Tip #1, What HEPA Filters Can and Can Not Do!
    Tip #2 ,The Process Equipment is Part of the Cleanroom Too!
  • Microfabrication Facilities At Other Universities from the University of Louisville
  • A definition of Cleanroom Class  from the University of Louisville

  • The Laboratories Subway -- Clickable map
  • National Nanofabrication Users Network (NNUN) -- Home page
  • Home page and academic list of Gina Miller's Nanotechnologies Industries.
  • Nan Ox's list of Semiconductor Laboratories
  • Mitre's Gateway to the Nanocosm -- provides the Internet Gateway to nanoelectronics research and development information and resources from around the world.
  • National Nanofabrication Facility, Australia
  • LLNL Microtechnology Center
  • University of Idaho Links to VLSI WWW Servers
  • Semiconductor Companies list from UIUC
  • Microcalorimetry
  • Nanometer Pattern Generation System
  • The Nanotechnology Database from Loyola College in Maryland
  • WTEC Panel Report on Nanostructure Science and Technology
  • Energy Management in Semiconductor Cleanrooms
  • HEPA/ULPA Filters

  •        What are HEPA Filters?
           About HEPA Filters
           Typical HEPA filter construction (source)

    Microgravity Science Division at Glenn Reseach Center NASA